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Trademark License

Trade mark is unique identity given to a particular product or service which distinguish it from the products or services of similar category. It can be in the form of logo, brand, tag line or it can be a combination of name and logo both. It can also be obtained for a Business name, distinctive catch phrases, taglines or captions. The registration of trademark is governed by The Trade Marks Act 1999. A trademark registration is an immediate process which is done online and the trademark is ready to be used within hours. However to obtain registration of trademark takes a long time.


You can easily get trademark registration through caonweb.

It should be relatable to your business, it should be easily identifiable or easy to remember, combination of design with some catchy phrase works best.

To become visible to the clients, to protect the identity of business.

  •   PAN and AADHAR
  •   Rent Agreement or property papers
  •   Electricity or water bill
  •   Passport size photo of proprietor/directors/partners
  •   company incorporation certificate if Company

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